A Drabble

I stumbled across a lens on Squidoo called Drabble and was delighted to have found it. A Drabble turns out to be a story that is exactly 100 words in length and there are groups that showcase the work of writers using this format. One blog/podcasting site is called 100 word Stories and has inspired me to create my own stories and podcasts in this format.
Today’s 100 word story is entitled At my own funeral, Enjoy!


Hunched in the locked confessional booth fearful of discovery, holding my breath I squint through the cracked stained glass.

Sitting directly in front of me wearing a black floppy Hedi Lamar hat was Delilah. Animated as always her head bobbing to and fro blocking my view of the mourners.

Sure, I wasn’t dead but I felt like I was. That damn Delilah was causing me as much grief at my funeral as when we lived together.

I whispered pleadingly “please Delilah take off your hat.”

Mourners came and left my funeral. Tell me, how can I ask who they were.

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