A Letter Arrived

My first thought when the letter
arrived was you. I wanted to
rush and grab your arms
shaking you with excitement,
as I’ve always threatened to do.

But your not here

Dear so and so we would like
to publish your story in our
journal next month. I looked
up from the printed words
wondering how I could share
this wonderful news with you.

But your not here

My first story I’d exclaim, in print
for gods sake, beaming my little boy
smile. Just a year today since I
picked up a pen to write.
I want to share this with you, I
wrote the published story for
you, do you remember it.

But your not here

Remember “where ever you are
I send my love”. You inspired it
as you always inspired me. My muse,
my reason for digging deeper into
my own vulnerability.

Where ever you are, I send my love.

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