A Little To The Left


A little to the left,  line up everything just perfectly, “just perfectly my ass” Sonia laughed as she spun around slapping herself on the rear. “It won’t be perfect with that gold mantel bar and you know it” she add.

“Oh aesthetics be dammed” I stammered watching the the two sisters inch the painting a little to the left and then a little to the right, “did we buy this for a spread in in Village News” I quizzically grumbled. “Of course why else pay so much money for something we know little about, we are crumb dwellers in the art world trying to look like we know something” Sonia interjected.

“Crumb dwellers” I repeated with with a gilt edge retort. “You may see yourself as some puffed peacock scavenging crumbs of approval from the brain dead in the art world but, and there it was, me wrapping myself in the tinfoil of drama while the two sisters scowled at me high up on the ladders. Sonia smiling at my need to paint the scene came over and pinched me, relieving the tension in the room. The two sisters in their mini skirts, go go boots, tool belts and carpenter hats resumed hanging the art.

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