Blue Liquid

Went blue liquid, thinking about you, flowed through memories, traversed by you and me. Blue blue, no shade matches my feeling when you’re not here.

I see your eyes reflecting in my blue wading pool, blue liquid devouring your laugh, blue caressing your ankles wanting my blue to sweat out of you. I’m blue liquid, wanting to flow over your red lips, pouting, glistening white teeth waiting for me to give you my blue. Let me dribble across your lips down your soft face, let blue flow across your neck, between your breasts. Let my deep river blue cascade over your soft stomach in search of treasure.

Passion rising then melting in blue liquid, flowing like blue sap maple tree, green leaves outstretched in prayer, asking forgiveness from radiant sun. I felt sad happy thinking about you, wanting you to posses my blue as essence.

Sad little blue stream rolls on, slowly rising blue sap oozing toward you, wanting to love you.

Swirl my soft blueness inside your mouth, piercing me with your red tongue. Swallow my blue wetness filling your gut with my blue primordial self, turning my blueness into nourishing red blood flowing in every cell that is you. Exhale blue liquid from your heated lungs, couple your blue air oval mouth kissing me, giving back to me, my blue self.

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