Bose-Einstein Does Zazen

Watching NOVA the other evening I experienced Kensho. Sure it may only be a moment of enlightenment but in that moment I saw where I was going as I travel down the path of Zazen. And yes once the moment wears off my understanding will be mostly intellectual, still I have seen for that moment a synergy between the effort which is Zazen (meditation) and the moment in which enlightenment is present.

I won’t attempt to explain the Bose-Einstein Condensate, NOVA and other online resources do a great job and you don’t need to be a physicist to understand the basic point being made. I do encourage everyone to watch the NOVA series Absolute Zero for a fascinating explanation of cold and of the Bose-Einstein Condensate.

For many of us who practice Zazen by ourselves it is moments like this that compensate for not having a teacher. Moments like this can help shake off the shackles and beliefs that we are all prone to develop, to create in our practice. Just for a moment emptiness is just emptiness and then we go back to painting colors on the windows we view ourselves through.

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