Yellow Line

Ellen inhaled the stainless aesthetic, then slowly exhaling, savored the anticipation washing over her. The vendor folded back the stainless doors releasing the sacred aroma into a cloud of rising steam, and smiled. Taking the cue Ellen stepped forward to place her order, “two please,” she said smiling back at the vendor. Silver tongs plunged …

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Chocolate Kiss

We stood clapping and smiling as Ellen made her way into the private dining room, then hinting at the surprise yet to come we sang a slow sensuous version of Happy Birthday. Ellen clapped while moving from guest to guest kissing us as her eyes filled with layers of tears and joy, each of us …

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From The Couch

[podcast][/podcast] Reaching up from the couch Ellen hooked my finger spinning me around so completely I tipped then tumbled next to her in a heap. “You are such a klutz” she effused between her pursed lips stifling her giggle of triumph that usually found its way into a room when she got her way. From …

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