Left Home

We all have points in our life where we shift to a totally different direction. Sometimes we pursue a dream and reality becomes so different or so difficult that the dream ends. I’ve always wondered what happens when a dream ends and how can we benefit from looking at it, from spending time revisiting that …

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Sylvia’s Diner

Sometimes in the middle of a memory we find that little tid bit that takes our breath away and makes us wonder. Isn’t the wonder the stuff that paints our world? No I’m not talking about the fluff or sappy stuff that Madison Ave pours over or lives on a daily basis. I’m talking about …

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A Drabble

I stumbled across a lens on Squidoo called Drabble and was delighted to have found it. A Drabble turns out to be a story that is exactly 100 words in length and there are groups that showcase the work of writers using this format. One blog/podcasting site is called [display_podcast] Hunched in the locked confessional …

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