cosmic journey

Early Summer Breeze

cosmic journey

She touched me, the early summer breeze wafting across my bare shoulders, cupping my ruddy cheeks with her gentle fingers. She touched me, the early summer breeze coming from sunshine to shadow from outside to inside till she wrapped me in her memories. Her touch was silence, filling me with grace and gratitude, filling me with her solitude teeming with life.

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Steam Me

I stepped into the cold tiled shower cube keeping most of my shivering body away from the first blast of water, then eased my knotted form into the warming spray.

With my eyes closed I submitted myself naked in a slow pirouette of thanks, receiving the warm water’s absolution and letting my coldness swirl down the drain.

As my hands cupped the steaming liquid bringing it to my face I noticed the shower filling with foggy mist wrapping me in billowing layers of fog adding a sense of deep intimacy to the hot shower.

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Cheap Fireworks

I gazed directly at the edginess walking slowly toward me. It’s not that I was daydreaming or counting the three pennies in my jeans pocket, no I looked straight ahead devouring scenes of early spring propelled upon dusty work boots, and over the city sidewalks I maneuvered around heaved concrete slabs listening as they sighed a late winter death rattle.

The sun was shinning, but not so brightly that I couldn’t see I was walking toward a hot mess of confusion and it toward me. If anyone else saw the eminent collision they failed that warm spring day to offer warning. I continued directly toward the menacing roar of belching anxiety, it spewing forth   plumes like a Chinese dragon extolling cheap fireworks dancing on blind legs.

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Garage Door

Lost words tumble from my mouth making their way to my ears, and I repeat the question hoping to kindle magic bringing about epiphany of purpose where there is none. Stubborn intransigence molded from the sticky clay of change grips me tighter each time I utter another slowly stirred  sigh. “I’m tarnished,” covered in rusted …

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Brass Knob

No explanations presented themselves no ingenious stories were available no excuses came bubbling up to slow the disintegrating curtain currently lowering onto the darkening stage of our relationship. No resistance flowed from my heart my mouth opened to exhale only silence as she walked toward the door. Each step away reverberated with consequences flooding my …

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