Concrete Stagnant Air


      concreate stagnant air - craig daniels

It gnaws at me, the stagnant air. And I chew at it, hoping to lessen it’s weight pressing upon me, surrounding me, scrubbing my unconsciousness sores till even casual onlookers can see resentment tattooed on my face. And believe me they’re looking, some even ogling as I pass by on my walk, to I don’t know where.

existing this moment upon unforgiving sidewalks

rolled out concrete ribbons continuously

rising up to slap me with loneliness, sucking life

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Pale Blue

[podcast][/podcast] Carole King wafting across the quad sun shinning on our bodies, reaching up I touch sky blue cotton dress with spaghetti straps, compelling anorexic dancers creating permanent jealousy binge infused with cheerleaders, wondering could they possibly, like you. Grass between toes, classes for the toads reefer madness swirling puffing circle hula hoops around your …

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Oh Come On!

[podcast][/podcast] a bit of flash and a bit of poetry… entitled Oh Come On! What’da mean what am I saying I don’t need no sing song rhythm to get past the wax You understood me when I said your fat So slow to get out the door, always stopping to breathe You know what I …

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