Lingering Taste

      lingering taste

 Feeling crept into awareness, subtle flavor I nearly missed lingers on my tongue. Alone I stand starring at the mirror, my face starring back at me. Flushed red frowning, puffy anger clinging to cheeks like rusted barnacles, all this I feel from the emptiness surrounding me, when your not here.

My imagination is pulling away from reality so quickly. I am sure my mind is beginning to resemblance a dirty clothes hamper, tangled and rotting from within.

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Steamer Trunk

We all have things hidden away and maybe we are the only ones who know where the key is. Today’s Daily Dose 100 word story is entitled Steamer Trunk, enjoy! Steamer Trunk Her thoughts got lost in the the neighborhood as she walked. Lead paint pealing, washing into the gutters mixing with fluids from obnoxious …

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