There Was A Knock At The Door

[podcast][/podcast] Startled minds ramp into flaring comatose consciousness, jump starting sight, adjusting hearing, grabbing the one next to you, shaking her, wake up wake up something’s happening here. There was a knock at the door, a knock at the door, there was a knock at the door. Emotions spinning me into torrid thoughts, whirlpooling down …

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Floor Dust

Simon sat gazing out the window, the gray sky outside reflected deeply within, revealing no difference between out there and inside himself. Seemingly the color penetrated him in one long pendulum wave. From him to there and back again the gray traveled, becoming intense for a moment then easing, but the ease was shallow, he knew the color would roll back upon him, and knowing this he kept himself braced against it and against all of life.

Sometimes Simon felt it was tangible and he could step off the window ledge onto the gray wave, walking up to the clouds for a better view, but his courage would sag before he took that first step, and doing this he never discovered how deep reality really was. He laughed at the thought of possessing courage that waned in important times. “I have no courage” he’d say, then brace himself, for the gray wave surely would follow his mocking statement.

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The Little Monk

Spanky wondered aloud “ how can people be so clueless,” it was an age old question, one pondered by generations long before Spanky came on the scene and, one Spanky generously acknowledged he was not the original thinker of, still Spanky questioned, why do people need to believe the unbelievable and the indefensible. How is it he thought, that people can spit on empirical evidence and call it opinion, again he spoke for all the creatures in the wood to hear, “how can people not see what is front of their face?”

A little chipmunk nose wiggled out from under a bright green leaf, then eyes and mouth became visible and with one seemingly impossible jump, she was on the stump across from the pondering figure of Spanky. “The answer is easy and it is not easy” she twitted in a sharp chippy voice. Spanky was not surprised at all by this talking chipmunk, he just lifted his head and gave her the same rapt attention he would with anyone who addressed him. He asked with excitement and humility, “please tell me more Ms. Chipmunk if you will.” The little monk smiled back at Spanky, and after turning around three times, found her spot and sat down.

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Iced Grease

[podcast][/podcast] On soft cotton sheets, fresh with spring air, Franny dropped her robe, edging herself onto the bed. With her finger tips she placed warm bacon upon her inner thighs, letting juices dribble to the sheets, letting the grease adherer each slice to her skin. Using her salty fingers Franny massaged the bacon with ice …

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Plexiglas Wish

Prying himself loose from his plexiglas prison, Ollie jumped off the burger joint’s sign and sauntered toward the restaurants front door. For the first time in his life he felt alive and full of possibilities, no longer a mere two dimensional figure living the life of a cartoon. At the front door Ollie struggled to …

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