Kitchen Sink

[podcast][/podcast] Kitchen Sink My favorite summertime window is at the kitchen sink, sometimes I stand there for hours after all the bowls are washed. Through the rusted screen a breeze caress my face, softly shaping my mouth into a smile. Briefly everything melts away leaving only the moment in which to dwell. The tree branches …

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The difference between detachment and non-attachment may seem slight but in reality the two could no be more different. Today’s 100 word story is entitled Detachment, Enjoy! Detachment “Open it up Frankie” I said, “open up your stinkn mind.” “For Christs sake can”t you ever shut up.” Frankie shot back. Smiling, I shrugged, again I’d …

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Knees Exploding

If we ever need a reminder that impermanence sometimes seems static we need only look at the pain in our knees during Zazen. Today’s 100 word story is entitled Knees Exploding, Enjoy! Knees Exploding My screams teetered on the edge of my lips as my knees threatened to explode. I imagined a monumental crippling expression …

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