Cold Wetness

I tried to walk by without staring but the scene behind the glass was too compelling for me to look away, in just a blink of an eye he crept into my heart.

I came around the corner skittering, my wet shoes dodging the snowy wet puddles, trying to avoid the sidewalks edge for fear of the racing cars covering me with a splash, I trudged on, trudged by all the closed stores and boarded up windows, trudged alone on the quiet city street.

First I noticed the used car sign was dark and then I saw the shadow of a man sitting in front of a computer screen in a office, I tried to walk by but his huddled body in the darkened office brought me to halt.

Rain and snow coming down upon my black umbrella I starred through dirty glass at the used car dealer working in a cold office bundled in a heavy jacket, hat pulled over his ears, fingers tapping away on some invisible keyboard, he clearly was entering figures into a generic inventory program.

Go on, go on I yelled inside my head but in a growing puddle I stood still, in a growing puddle I stood transfixed by this man sitting in the dark finishing up the last details to his failed business, a business on this corner for twenty five years and now nothing but the snowy rain filled his car lot.

Go on, go on I yelled out loud but even this could not move me from the horror of sharing this final act, of being part of his dream playing itself out, again I struggled to stop starring at him administering last rites, again I stood letting the water cover my boots my tears mixing with the cold wetness from above.

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