Dismissed Mingling

After our split we morphed into mere apparitions dismissed by the other with a turn of the head. No social foot prints were left for the other to discover, friends were enlisted as spies concocting elaborate cloak and dagger routines assuring we never went to the same party, never appeared at the same wedding the same book reading, until Halloween night that is.

I have no way of knowing if it occurred to Ellen not to show, it certainly had not occurred to me that my ex wife would be mingling with my guests like she’d never left me. But here she is dressed in a barmaid’s costume leather straps around her midriff lifting her breasts skyward earrings caressing her neck peaking out from beneath her cascading brunette mane. Once the center of our gatherings now she’s the center of my Halloween party.

Mingling her way through the crowd Ellen deftly moves toward me. I mingle in retreat from her advance, and for the briefest moment stop to catch my breath when fingers touch my neck then stroke my cheek. I turn and immediately tumble helplessly into her eyes.

Holding back hot tears welling behind my eyes, I’m unable to speak. Her  hazel eyes lock me in silent suspension, and in one motion acknowledging our dilemma she licks her finger then places its wetness upon my lips snakes her body against mine whispers in my ear “don’t talk”. My heart races the more her body leans against mine my hands encircle her waist looping fingers in leather straps yanking her hips into mine pressing into her  needing more. Barely moving we tug at each other aching to be closer oblivious to the guests, the muffle of a  trumpet player the only lifeline remaining.

Drawing a long deliberate breath as our lips finally touch I come alive savoring her taste in every pore of my body, shivers dance their way up and down my spine my head vibrates as if  touched by electricity tingling with desire back-lit with a deep reckless need for this woman.

Give and take, I touch you, you touch me. We dance around the room the only music a faint awareness of clinking glasses, laughing, talking and our own rhythm between us. My fingers explore her backbone diving into each crevice probing flesh muscle tendons for their connection to her. Ellen  plays the back of my neck her fingers creating wave after wave of  erotic shivers traveling through my entire body becoming euphoric pulses sealing her ownership of my will.

Garbing my elbow hard almost desperately Ellen maneuvers me into the loft’s bird cage her red blushed finger pushes hard upon the up button. Our hands scramble to touch the others face, kneading flesh deeply we linger lovingly as our fingers reach the crossroads seemingly for the first time. Aching to own the other aching to possess deeply, to shut off noise reminding us of the past. The elevator door opens reveling the empty bed we shared before we became  apparitions. We move into the room forgetting our phantom masks, forgetting each others pain while we give each what the other desires.

Tomorrow we’ll float apart like in a movie, now nobody feels any pain, just for now there are no roiling moments of regret inhabiting our lonely self’s, just for now all we need is love.

21 thoughts on “Dismissed Mingling

  1. The desperation comes through nicely in the pace of your writing. i suppose it should be a happy moment, but it made me sad. They obviously have an unbreakable connection, if only they could figure out how to manage it in the light of day. Nice one.

  2. Wonderful evocative words found throughout this bittersweet tale of two people who lost love along the way but find something impersonating it for one lonely evening.

  3. Quite sad, two hearts yearning for each other, yet unable to make it work. Kind of the opposite of unrequited love. This is a strong, emotional piece – quite evocative. I'm so glad to see you posting #fridayflash again. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Jon, the space to write seems lately to get filled with garbage, to breathing again I have to push that garbage to one side and write….

  4. The desperation, longing and passion all come through perfectly. Love the backdrop of a Halloween party when we costume ourselves to be what we truly desire.

    • Chris glad you dropped by and thanks for reading the piece… always glad to see you here..

    • Karen..glad you stopped over, lust or love? sometimes they can't be peeled apart from one another….

  5. This is a fantastic piece about the place where there are no words. If only they could stay there, and isn't it frustrating they can't. Well done, especially the choreography of the build-up. I could feel the magnetic force. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • Hi Lou, thanks for reading the piece and for your comments I look forward to seeing you around here again….

  6. I absolutely loved this line: "I turn and immediately tumble helplessly into her eyes."
    I actually feel like I had been there before!
    Well written!

  7. Nice job with this. The emotions are very well presented without being spelled out. Very deftly done. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Wow, this was excellent. Very sensual and lyrical. One of my favs from this week!

  9. This was beautifully written. Even when two people have agreed to stay apart, it's hard to leave everything behind.

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