Donut Binge

Things changing as simple as the drive-through being closed can cause a massive rearrangement in our life. Today’s Daily Dose 100 word story is entitled Donut Binge and looks at change with a bit of humor, Enjoy!

Donut Binge

Easing my head up from the pink formica table I noticed my hands covered in powered sugar. Large empty donut boxes their lids open mocked me. A waitress shaking in the corner starred at me in shock.

Slowly and through a sticky glazed haze I remembered.

Earlier and barely awake I stumbled to my car, drove to the donut shop. The drive through had been closed. I was forced to go inside.

While placing my order 100 different donuts began singing their siren song. I grabed the counter and tried to turn away.

You know the rest of the story.

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