Dreaming Flash Fiction

I was hiding high up in a tree earlier this afternoon when this huge gust of wind sent me tumbling to the ground. I woke to finding myself in a purple building surrounded by discount books for sale, and feeling no worse for the tumble I got up and perused through the books, stacked to the ceiling in the purple building.

I walked out into the afternoon sunshine with my new purchases and wondered, if I buy books at a steep discount are they flash fiction? Realizing the thump on my head must have scrambled my brains more then I thought, I sat down to catch my breath and ponder what does it mean to writer when one of their books is sold for 70 or 80% off list price. Of course the writer does not make money off such steeply discounted books but they do get their work read and maybe the next book will sell more, though I really have no clue if that last statement holds water.

So I wanted to connect to the wrtiers by using a little link juice by adding a link to either the writers web site or to Powell’s, thus giving a little boost to their endeavours.   First I bought a promising book called Brownsville by Oscar Casares, next I picked up The James Deans by Reed Farrel Coleman and lastly I bought King Bongo from Thomas Sanchez

8.98 for three books…. a nice find and even though I have yet to read any of them, I’m sure they will turn out to be worth the tumble from high up in the elm tree. And if you buy a discounted book give the author a link back to their web site as a way of showing your support for their work.

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