Flickering Lights


Winter’s darkness caught me by surprise this year. I had few thoughts of the dimming light till a few days before Christmas when out of the corner of my eye I saw flickering lights.

The lights turned out to be a tug of war between Winter with all it meaning and the sputtering gasp of Fall letting go of its last colors. The Solstice risen up like a monks gray hood enveloping and erasing everything before it, leaving only barren dark cold plains for out memories to dwell upon.

Flickering lights signaling a brief pause before the emotional rolling in of  Winter and it’s bride, heralding the taking up a long extended residence not only outside out homes but inside our souls as well.

Flickering lights reminding us of the never ending turning of the wheel. The wheel turning season unto season breath unto breath creating everything while simultaneously destroying everything. The wheel that never stop unfolding moment unto moment vibrating energy into and then out of form out of reach out of memory. The wheel that is both fear and hope colliding and merging built with the impermanence that is change.

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