Glass Light

Relationships always have their play time. Today’s story is 300 words, entitled Glass Light, Enjoy!

Glass Light

Exploding through the glass brick wall the  suns light  captured Killarney, creating a dark silhouette, preventing me from seeing her expressions.

Truth be told Killarney rarely exposed an expression other then satisfaction.

I moved a bit closer trying to adjust to the setting suns radiance but Killarney turned her face away

“It is always like this” she spat, I smiled.

Fully pressing her body against the glass she continued. Always you give me what I want but you are still in control.

Killarney I said trying not to let her see my smile, I don’t believe in control we are equals I do what ask because I love you.

“But” she stammered, then slowly ran her tongue across the glass capturing the last of the suns rays. “That’s just not so,” sounding like a school girl caught, without an answer.

I moved closer pressing my body hard against hers she moaned from the weight as I pressed her tightly into the glass blocks.

“Get off me,” she growled, I pushed harder, without a thread of guilt I bit her ear then said, “Killarney we’re going to do what I want.”

Digging down within herself she let out a magnificent scream and pushed to free herself.

I didn’t move I just pushed harder.

I could see tears in the corner of her eye but also the hint of a smile.

Roughly I grabbed her arm spinning her around and kissed her.

For a moment she resisted but then melted into my arms, it was then I knew she’d given in.

Wiping the tears from her cheek I looked into her receptive eyes and spoke.

“I don’t want to go out to dinner I want to order in I want Chinese.”

Killarney pinched me, then picked up the phone to call our favorite Chinese takeout.

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