Hey Man


Hey Man

Hey man, what ya think’n

Hey man, what ya drink’n

Been a long time, since I’ve seen you

Do you remember when

Do you remember then

Hey man, what ya think’n bout now

Hey man, What ya dream’n bout now

Thought I’d stop by one last time to say goodbye

Was just the other day we said hi

I know its gotten hard for you, it’s gotten for me too

Lets not ask why time just seems to pass us by

Hey man, hey man, where’d your ol lady go

Your smile from long ago, where’d it go

Hey man do you remember me

Hey man what is it that you see, is it me

It’s slippin away so fast from you, do you know

Hey Man, they never said it would last

Hey man would you fill up the glass one more time

I’ll remember you when you don’t remember me

Hey man, hey man, it’s been so very nice

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