Infused Purple

Oatmeal tasted of summer, fresh warm flavorful milk tinged infused purple, floating blueberries.

Thick blue platters slid across pink speckled Formica counter one after another, waitress never looking, repetition in motion, “here ya go sis,” and words.

Silently I watched the brunette poke the steak using a knife in her left hand, a knife weathered dishwasher dull, in her left hand. The steak juice flowed red, making puddles for dipping French bread, French bread with real butter. Slowly she cut a piece off the rare steak, her right hand awkwardly balancing the fork, raising it to her open mouth, closing red painted lips around meat, her tongue peeking out just a bit as she chewed.

I stared at her, as she slowly chewed red meat in her mouth, slowly grinding it into energy, replenishing her body. One piece at a time mashed between her white teeth until she swallowed, following each mouthful with a sip of black coffee.

I stared at her, on the oval vinyl stool, unconsciously turning hips side to side in sync to her cutting and chewing, eyes looking straight across the counter into her reflection, on the diners mirrored wall.

I stared at her in public, crossing and uncrossing her legs, eating then sipping from white porcelain mug in her left hand, patting lips with white paper napkins, dipping French bread in blood, enjoying herself.

I stared at her, eating my cold purple oatmeal surrounded by hungry people filling their mouths with too much food, talking little while they stared into the diners mirrored wall.

She never stared back.

17 thoughts on “Infused Purple

  1. Wonderful colors throughout and phrases that were simply delicious:

    "Oatmeal tasted of summer…"

    "repetition in motion…"

    and, of course, "closing red painted lips around meat…" 🙂

    Reading this, I was reminded of a line from a Leonard Cohen song: "Take this longing from my tongue".

    So much longing packed into this piece. Very nice.

  2. Bravo! You capture the sensory impressions so well…and say so much more than you write.

  3. Great imagery and mood here. Had a very sensuous mood to it. Glad you joined in on the #fridayflash. Hope to see you back.

  4. I like the density of the imagery and repetition and how it contrasts with the starkness of the last line. Great structure. Welcome to #fridayflash 🙂

    • Dan thanks for the thoughts and welcome to #fridayflash.. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's stuff

  5. As much as I love oatmeal, nothing beats a steak. Even for breakfast 😉

    Great piece… I was longing
    Many apologies for being late (#fridayflash)

  6. What a mood and setting you've creating. We're like cows chewing and eating without thinking, eating the flesh of cows, the germ of grain, chewing and eating in silence without seeing the humanity around us, without recognizing the decadence of our own actions. We shove food into our mouths while we starve for true nourishment, sustainingi our bodies while rotting our minds. Thanks for sharing with our #FridayFlash crowd.

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