Left Home

We all have points in our life where we shift to a totally different direction. Sometimes we pursue a dream and reality becomes so different or so difficult that the dream ends.

I’ve always wondered what happens when a dream ends and how can we benefit from looking at it, from spending time revisiting that dream and its ending. It is after all what helps to define us, right now.

Today’s 100 word story is entitled, Left Home. Enjoy!


Just turned 18 cruising along main gawking at all the people. Dreaming of living and a job, in the big city.

It was dry and tedious as I trekked business to business but by the forth day I just popped my head in and asked “hiring”. Sensing hesitation or hearing no kept me moving to the next establishment. I was in rhythm, I had created the job hunting shuffle.

The fifth day I was cooking in an Italian joint, the sixth day got my draft notice.

I wonder, do we remember a dream ending or do we just start another?

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