Liquid Chocolate


Last weeks subject was At My Own Funeral and 12 people ended up sending in their take on it. You can hear them all as 100 Word Stories.

This week the subject is Hemmorhage and though it’s misspelled here and at the podcast site it means what you think it means. I have tried to take the meaning in a different direction then what is found in the dictionary.

My story and audio this week is entitled Liquid Chocolate. Enjoy!

Ellen walked straight to the back room of the old bakery joining the five of us already present. We sat hushed as the baker brought us the mythical liquid chocolate cake.

As Ellen sliced into the cake chocolate lava hemorrhaged from the center engulfing all six layers. Off in a corner the baker smiled and a dog barked.

Each of us was served a piece dripping with liquid chocolate. Savoring each bite we thought how poets lived for just such a moment and experiencing feelings boarding on rapture we all in unison smiled at Ellen, wishing her a happy birthday.

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