Of Course Silly

Sometimes really hearing what other are saying can give us the loud whack we need to listen to ourselves. Today’s 100 word story is entitled Of Course Silly, Enjoy!

Of Course Silly

Delilah floated from group to group kissing the pretty while patting the shoulder of the ugly.

She excitedly told me her sobriety blossomed at the AA meetings when treating everyone equal.

“Oh Delilah, do you hear yourself” I’d ask? Touching my forearm she inflected, “of course silly” then float back into the crowd.

Meeting over, we joined friends for a late supper at Gremlins.

I started to order when the waitress spilled water on me, Delilah grabbed her forearm shouting “you stupid bitch.”

“Delilah do you hear yourself” I asked? “Of course silly’ she inflected, adding “what should we order?”

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