Oh Come On!


a bit of flash and a bit of poetry… entitled

Oh Come On!

What’da mean what am I saying
I don’t need no sing song rhythm to get past the wax
You understood me when I said your fat
So slow to get out the door, always stopping to breathe
You know what I mean, you know what I mean
Stop the show I want to get off, stop the car I want to get out
Stop the fucking planet so you can get your lazy self off
Off to another galaxy where whining will seem new
Off to merge with the difference you crave and whine so much about
Gotta be new, gotta be hip, gotta be now sister, gotta be right now.
Ain’t no time to be bored, gotta be floored, gotta be seen.
Who I am, I’m the man you got walking behind you picking it all up
Ain’t no time for sugar, Ain’t no time just gotta be you gotta be seen
Gotta be new, Gotta be hip, gotta be now sister, gotta be right now

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