Parrot Tirade

Hat snatched from her head Delilah spun around hoping to find it on the ground but, screeching with delight the parrot flew off with its cargo bobbing between sharp talons, colorful wings grabbing attention from tourists and locals deep into the park.

Delilah flushed red, anger and embarrassment danced inside with a gurgling taunt. Abruptly she turned spitting on the walk nearly hitting the shoes of her companion, Her hands in the air wailing, demanding action.“Did you see that, I was assaulted by a filthy bird.” Henry edged around the spit nearly touching his shoes and, deftly fit his words between the spaces in Delilah’s tirade, “yes I did see, assaulted to be sure, should I call the police?”

Her hands holding her warm flushed face in mock horror squinted at Henry bursting out into a full belly laugh, at the bird, at her tirade and at how masterful henry was at defusing such situations.

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