Praying For Potatoes

Praying For Potatoes

Standing on this corner with a tooth pick in my ear when along came this preachers kid, wearing a pork pie hat praying for potatoes

“Potatoes” I exclaimed,what will you do if you get them? Ha! She shouted and handed me a five pound bag of Brooklyn’s best spuds.

Imeadiatly I crossed the street becoming a Zen monk meditating on the question of starch.

I was Interrupted by an abbot wearing a pork pie hat who told me I was grasping at illusions, then handed me a frying pan as she showed me the door.

Outside and owl sitting on a pork pie hat gave me directions along with two cans of Sterno and a stick of butter.

I found my way to a cardboard city full of hungry people, opened the Sterno and fed the masses with just five pounds of potatoes.

Make mine French a voice commanded from the either, I looked up to see Lou Reed wearing a pork pie hat handing out bottles of ketchup.

I’m back on this corner outside a store that sells only, pork pie hats, I’ve got a suitcase in my hand waiting for the bus then off to the Midwest to plant potatoes.

I never got enlightened but I found the eyes to see what was in front of me. And there will always be a pork pie hat watching my back.

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