Running Barbasol



The razor’s dull blade chafed skin beneath snow white Barbasol mimicking the unevenness that marked my failed life. Each nick reminding me of dreams long ago blushing pregnant, with promise.

How I’ve wished to join those vanquished hopes following them down the drain of my corroded mind. Routine has become a prison and I have become both inmate and executioner.

I ache to run, arms flaying at missed opportunities chasing their ghosts into outer space, forgetting I ever had dreams of big things. I want to forget touching your skin with ten fingers both rough and soft, pinching your flesh and kissing each inch of you, you telling me “I love your breath on my body, your tongue licking me, I love you.”

I want to forget memories bubbling beneath snow white Barbasol as I scrape layers of time from my face, with this dull rusted razor.

12 thoughts on “Running Barbasol

  1. I don't think the blade will be a good defense against the sadness and loneliness, there is so much. I missed you for #fridayflash. Why didn't you post this yesterday?

    • Laura…. thanks for stopping by… I didn't have this yesterday to post.. but I'll be back for next F #fridayflash

  2. "scrape layers of time" Oh how I would love to be able to do this … and in the process scrape away the memories of touches that haunt. Craig, you continue to amaze me.

  3. "…following them down the drain of my corroded mind." That's just plain awesome. I read it first to myself, then out loud, then listened as you read it. That's a pretty neat experience. I love that you do that.

    • Chris, thanks for the kind words. I like adding the audio to the smaller pieces and I like the challenge of recording it without putting lots of drama into it.

  4. A sad and longing piece. I hate shaving anyway. This almost made my face hurt just reading it. The imagery is wonderful.

    I'm glad I put you on my RSS reader.

    • As always Jon. thanks for stopping by and commenting, I too hate shaving and have got to the point where I only do it every other day

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