Slice Of Time


Through our window suns rays careen off the dust particles amplifying dreams till your breathing softly jolts me into some kaleidoscope awakening. My legs entwined with yours, our mouths sharing spit dripping to me from you and back again. Deeply I inhale your precious smells a mixing of perfume, sweat and sleep into one life giving scent imprinting itself forever deep inside my memories

Fingers awakening touching legs drawing pictures on still sleeping skin, eyes squinting bodies stretching coming together in morning’s first touch, sweet warmth of the moment no worlds exist just you being me being you.

Then First words flow like Elmer’s glue pouring forth reluctantly creating throaty mumbles, actively resisting with sticky pauses between out words , not wanting the day to start not wanting  to break the spell we have cast stopping time, over our bodies and minds.

Pulling covers over our heads shutting out the suns rays shutting out everything intruding on our tiny slice of time, on our tiny island our tiny castle built for two, where nothing exists except you being me being you.

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