Steamer Trunk

We all have things hidden away and maybe we are the only ones who know where the key is. Today’s Daily Dose 100 word story is entitled Steamer Trunk, enjoy!

Steamer Trunk

Her thoughts got lost in the the neighborhood as she walked.

Lead paint pealing, washing into the gutters mixing with fluids from obnoxious realms, flowing into their taps.

Yellow and gray floating in and out of apt windows, children’s lungs tattooed with rust.

Sally pushed through the fear, sweat beading like pearls on spandex.

Hurried little laughs echoed from doorways.

Inching her stilettos over the smooth cobblestones Sally felt people watching her, following her.

Opening the door to her grandfathers old factory. Holding her breath unlocking the steamer trunk, reaching inside with one quick motion, pulling out her Teddy Bear.

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