Stop The Snow


stop the snowToday’s piece is my impression of someone off the street going to the local radio station and ranting for 2 minutes. Wouldn’t it be great of there was a radio station called WRANT that you could listen to in your car? All rants all the time.

Stop The Snow

Truth be told I don’t really like snow, oh sure it’s pretty to look at and makes the world a brighter place but let’s get real, snow is wet cold frozen water that some deity in their infinite wisdom sends down upon parts of the world because they have a contract with novel writers and movie makers.

Now don’t get me wrong I like books and movies and except for that expensive popcorn I sometimes go to and enjoy movies and I definitely read books but give me a break and stop with the snow already.

I’m sure book writers and movie makers have more then enough stock photos, film footage and imagination stored to last for decades so I’m pleading with the powers that be, stop the insanity, stop the snow.

Someone asked me while I was picketing at the local weather stations what will we do with no sugar on snow? Well I take this question very seriously and the answer is innovation. Some smart entrepreneur can create a personal snow machine that makes buckets of snow out your favorite bottled water. The maple syrup makers could subsidize the research since so much is used for sugar on snow.

Now I have to get back to the picket lines, that nice Mrs. Fields is bring cookies, So-long From the rocky snowy fields of New Hampshire…

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