There Was A Knock At The Door

[podcast][/podcast] Startled minds ramp into flaring comatose consciousness, jump starting sight, adjusting hearing, grabbing the one next to you, shaking her, wake up wake up something’s happening here. There was a knock at the door, a knock at the door, there was a knock at the door. Emotions spinning me into torrid thoughts, whirlpooling down …

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Where Am I

I looked up from my malfunctioning GPS just as Frampton handed me a bunch of succulent red grapes, then he turned and winked at Pablo who picked up his blue guitar, and started painting the walls a deep egg shell.

“Do you know where I am” I asked in a voice that was not mine. Underneath the drop cloth Katie Couric’s voice exclaimed “does anyone really know where they are”?

I shrugged and continued walking while shaking the damn GPS.

Next door the Good Humor Man doled out frozen hash pops to the local sheriff and his deputies while their wive’s tried a new mud and jalapeno facial from the local taco stand. I smiled at the stands owner, a Norwegian super model who leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Lima beans are the new chocolate.”

I shrugged and continued walking, still shaking the damn GPS

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