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Nobody Watching Coffee Warmth

nobody watching

“nobody watching in this moment, coffee warmth.”   Freshly fallen snow casts your footprints, left then right you trudge toward yellowish glowing windows of the coffee shop. Windows outlined in translucent iced frosting. The expansive silence broken by muffled squeaking falling off your knobby boots. Hand on door you enter to chatter rising from small…

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Magic Glass

Carlos carefully flicked the squeegee, removing the last drop of dirty water from the stores front window, he smiled and turned to breathe in the fresh morning air filling his lungs with the cities pulse, he crossed himself and opened his store. “Wash the windows everyday Carlos” his father had told him, “do this and…

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Slice Of Time

[podcast][/podcast] Through our window suns rays careen off the dust particles amplifying dreams till your breathing softly jolts me into some kaleidoscope awakening. My legs entwined with yours, our mouths sharing spit dripping to me from you and back again. Deeply I inhale your precious smells a mixing of perfume, sweat and sleep into one…

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Kitchen Sink

[podcast][/podcast] Kitchen Sink My favorite summertime window is at the kitchen sink, sometimes I stand there for hours after all the bowls are washed. Through the rusted screen a breeze caress my face, softly shaping my mouth into a smile. Briefly everything melts away leaving only the moment in which to dwell. The tree branches…

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