Let Me Be Your Sandwich

[podcast]http://www.washthebowl.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/letmebeyoursandwich.mp3[/podcast]White paper wrapping me like some deli sandwich, hiding  me from your sight, won’t you unwrap me, have your way with me, fuel your hunger with me.

Let me be your sandwich

Fingernail the tape baby, one quick flick is all you need to do, I’ll be free to be unwrapped free to be discovered laid open for your pleasure naked on your plate.

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That Killarney

That Killarney Sliding into the booth Killarney draped her bare leg over my thigh, discreetly the waiter looked away. Killarney’s left hand caressed my jaw, her tongue painting a mandala on my ear. “It means eternal peace” she cooed, “or it means I’m your eternal piece,” mocking her own Irish accent. I feigned disinterest as …

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Engage Me

We really never know what someone is going to say from moment to moment. Today’s 100 word story is entitled Engage Me, Enjoy! Engage Me Ellen glided through the patio door without a sound till she was almost touching me. Placing her hand on my shoulder she turned me to gaze deeply into her eyes, …

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Red and Yellow

Today’s 100 word story finds Ellen back in the middle of it all. She last appeared in Liquid Chocolate. The story today is entitled Red and Yellow. Enjoy! [podcast]http://www.washthebowl.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/ellenhotdogs.mp3[/podcast] For a minute or two Ellen lingered at Macy’s exit, she then tentatively ventured out into the courtyard. Walking briskly looking from side to side she …

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