Pulling Teeth

Violet reached the fly swatter on her desk before I could rise from my chair and escape, quickly she exploded her furry forward swatting my face imprinting her admonitions deep into my psyche. I was stunned senseless and fell upon the hard classroom floor. As I laid crumpled like a brown paper bag the quiet portended the gathering storm.

I felt her toes nudging my cheek poking me for a sign of consciousness, they probed areas of my face kneading my skin like you’d knead a piece of fish pondering its freshness. I opened my eyes to see the sole of her open toe shoe come to rest on my mouth, “lick my shoe” she ordered in an otherworldly voice, “lick my shoe you bottom feeding scum,” I resisted and tried to gather my senses but slowly her toes pried my lips apart pushing the shoe into my mouth. “Suck my foot, show me how little self respect you have left.”

I could hear a low growl coming from her but I couldn’t see her face. Violet was standing straddled  over my paralyzed body with one foot in my mouth the other next to my head, my eyes followed her  stockinged legs till the shadow from her skirt terminated the view. I indulged for the briefest moment in the leggy fantasy when out of the blue feeling returned to my body, and I bit down hard on her exposed toes sending a shock up her shapely leg she would not soon forget. The room filled with a scream laced with cruel invectives and down right unpleasant words.

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