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Nothing Stirs In Newly Fallen Snow

nothing stirs

  Each foot vanishes in newly fallen snow only to reappear as I exchange left for right. Nothing stirs. Birds and squirrels normally scampering and chirping on the edges of my walk, have disappeared. Swinging arms and exaggerated puffing of the daily runners I often pass, are absent. The slightly wobbly bicycles zooming by with…

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Nobody Watching Coffee Warmth

nobody watching

“nobody watching in this moment, coffee warmth.”   Freshly fallen snow casts your footprints, left then right you trudge toward yellowish glowing windows of the coffee shop. Windows outlined in translucent iced frosting. The expansive silence broken by muffled squeaking falling off your knobby boots. Hand on door you enter to chatter rising from small…

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Snow Squeeze 6/365

Snow Squeeze 6/365 Jasmin fretted a little about the recession, she knew diversifying her products would fortify her monetary well-being. She thought and thought some more, when out of the sky came her answer, snow. Yes snow she said to anyone who would listen, snow is the answer. Jasmin fashioned a contraption she called the…

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Snow In My Shoe

snow in my shoe

I got snow in my shoe melting, like my heart melts as I’m thinking of you. I got snow in my shoe melting, salty like my tears of joy as I”m thinking of you. I got snow in my shoe melting, like wax on the candle I carry for you. Snow in my show, snow…

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God’s Canvas

[podcast][/podcast] Out my window I watched snow smoothing out the landscape, gently making soft, humanities edges, brushing on an open canvas where all possibilities existed. A blank slate created in front of my eyes calling me to create any dream, to bring forth a new Genesis. It was dazzling to witness  angels on bent knees…

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Stop The Snow

stop the snow

  Today’s piece is my impression of someone off the street going to the local radio station and ranting for 2 minutes. Wouldn’t it be great of there was a radio station called WRANT that you could listen to in your car? All rants all the time. Stop The Snow Truth be told I don’t…

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