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Coffee Warmth With Nobody Watching

coffee warmth

“In this moment with nobody looking coffee warmth.” Washthebowl Freshly fallen snow captures your footprints, first left than right toward the yellow glowing coffee shop windows outlined in translucent iced frosting. The expansive silence broken only by muffled squeaking falling off your knobby boots and then hand on door you enter to chatter rising from…

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Flickering Lights

[podcast][/podcast] Winter’s darkness caught me by surprise this year. I had few thoughts of the dimming light till a few days before Christmas when out of the corner of my eye I saw flickering lights. The lights turned out to be a tug of war between Winter with all it meaning and the sputtering gasp…

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Quiet Snow

quiet snow

Walking newly plowed roads, bright sun on my back, sprawling fields surrounding me stretching toward muffled hills deeply covered in new snow. Quiet, but for the meditative packing of my boots. I Jump onto a stonewall and stop. The fresh snow has yet to be marked by sleds, by saucers. The cold air yet pierced…

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