Early Summer Breeze

cosmic journey

She touched me, the early summer breeze wafting across my bare shoulders, cupping my ruddy cheeks with her gentle fingers. She touched me, the early summer breeze coming from sunshine to shadow from outside to inside till she wrapped me in her memories. Her touch was silence, filling me with grace and gratitude, filling me with her solitude teeming with life.

I swiveled in my chair expecting the fan to be broadcasting invisible waves in my direction, but it was nature presenting me with a quiet gift, an early summer lover, she touched me. Gazing past the idle fan, past the weathered wooden sill, past the rusted screen and out into the deep green waving grasses and up high into the trees the early summer breeze kissed me. and I kissed her back welcoming her quiet ways into my moment, welcoming the vast feelings of serenity she imbued within me as she engulfed me in her soft arms. She touched me with generosity, this early summer breeze.

In spite of that touch I struggled, struggled with the silence she brought to me, I needed words from her lips words that would quiet the ragging loneliness within. She touched me with strength to hold me still yet I struggled for distraction from the space she offered to share with me. She exposed her soft hands cradling a box wrapped in a bow made from the milky way deeply blue with billions of stars leading to the beginning of time. Quickly I untied the bow releasing sparkling dust from creation’s beginning. The dust swirled into many tiny tornadoes that devoured the room erasing the walls and floors, erasing all boundaries I had clung so stubbornly to. The box itself merged with the space unfolding all around. I flailed about, my fingers grasping for something to hold onto desperately needing surface to cling to, yet there was only space in every direction nothing to hold onto except her invisible arms, her writhing body.

I rose and fell over and over again tumbling through time, crisscrossing avenues of light, crashing through nebulae, the only noise was her slight laugh as she rejected the entreat of a black hole. Her arms held me secure as we skipped and somersaulted through pulsars riding the unfathomable lengths of solar winds always together in embrace. She touched me, the early summer breeze, she touched me. Her hands led me to a corner where we could see back beyond the bang of creation. From behind she pushed me and we jumped toward a pin hole billions of years away and in the flash before I could breathe we tunneled through the eye of god and were evaporated and subsumed into everything all at once.

With soundless laughter we heaved giant spasms of frolicking motion, conjoined with every particle and atom in the universe I felt her arms protecting me even as she dared me to be more then everything. She touched me and I cried rivers of stellar dreams spinning through fears spinning through joys, when all at once we were sucked into a cosmic drain bouncing off brass walls created by my pedestrian mind, and spit back into the everyday, spit back to an awareness of lying quietly entangled, quietly exhausted, with my summer breeze. She touched me.

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