Tomato Jane

Jane was looking for a way to make money working for herself. As she was looking out her studio window across the fields to her neighbors farm stand the view transported her imagination into the store and what she saw started a rolling epiphany in her life.

Jane saw a farm and gift store that stopped selling fresh fruits and vegetables after thanksgiving, she knew they stayed opened all through the winter and did a really brisk business selling candles and baskets.

Without having to ponder the ramifications of what had unfolded in her imagination Jane walked over to the farm stand and told the owners she wanted to supply them with fresh veggies in the winter months. Jane went on to discribe the cutting edge hydroponic garden she would construct in her studio. They loved her enthusiasm and made an agreement to accept gourmet salsas packed fresh and bottled along with fruit pies for the first year and revisit the agreement during the summer.

Now two years since she produced her first salsa from her lovingly grown tomatoes, Jane has 3 part time employees and delivers not only salsa and pies to 23 stores but also fresh veggies she grows to 6 restaurants year round.

The epiphany Jane had has less to do with what she produces and more to do with the fact that she produces something that is her own. Creating your own product or array of products is not a new idea, but it may be a somewhat forgotten idea. You can’t turn around on the internet without being bombarded with marketing and affiliate ads washing over you. It seems everyone wants you to sell their ideas and products and for doing this they will pay you almost nothing.

The key to this story is as old as marketing itself. Find what you love and produce your own unique product or service. Who knows maybe others will sell it for you and you can keep most of the cash.

*this story is an amalgamation of a number of people I have known.

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