Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-29

  • I walked through the toy store, past mothers dragging their charges away from lives of gluttony and mirth, past quiet toys with much to say. #
  • One single finger connected to the universe, scrolling through tweets, refreshing human call outs, tweet tweet little finger tweet my sweet. #
  • Open and receptive to feelings buried deeply within our self’s, longing to be part of some away far happy ending, it ended, the movie ended. #
  • red lamp shade casting deep emotional shadows in my coffee cup, things from youth surfing curled within heated shadow, extolling possibility #
  • How can it be that I sit and work for hours without music playing, I should be shot. radio day today..from Vermont #
  • Circling the brown yellow grass, a spot beckoned to my weary self, I sat flat, breathing in that which I had ached to mainline, spring time. #
  • Blue light casts a cosmic donut, deeply within the black hole of my mind I gasp and prevent any feelings from escaping and giving up a clue. #
  • editorial about Nicholas Hughes suicide, son of Sylvia Plath #
  • I opened one eye shyly, the room was illuminated by a lone ray of sunshine peeking out under the shade, I smiled behind pillows and blankets #
  • it wouldn’t stop, the demonic knocking, I stood up from my meditation to answer the door, as I expected it was another cantaloupe, I ate it. #
  • girl fingers crawled with spider guile, touching the soft flesh, imprinting fingers into her thighs, so softly receptive to her bare touch. #
  • tv haze makes milkshakes dance in my head, drifting on clouds pinwheeled with hazel eyes, transported in whipped rivered cream #
  • She insisted, I twisted the Saran wrap tightly, immobilizing her before she changed her mind, entombed in plastic her breathing ceased. #

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