We Kept Walking

Today’s 100 word story may be more of a social essay or it could be just some Sci Fi wraped up in 100 words. There is really nothing to worry about, now is there. Entitled We Kept Walking, Enjoy!

We trudged along, the rain filling every crack in the sidewalk. Cars diving into puddles sending sheets of water against our drenched bodies.

We kept walking.

Like Thanksgiving shoppers unable to help themselves people poured out into the wet dirty streets joining the throng of humanity. Stranded commuters abandoning cars joining the crowds.

We kept walking.

Lawns turned to mud pits gates torn from their hinges, voices came together in a rumble louder then thunder. Tired, hungry and soggy, we kept walking.

Tugging my sleeve a little girl asked “why”? I shook free and snapped “Social Media.”

We kept walking.

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