nothing stirs

Nothing Stirs In Newly Fallen Snow

By Craig Daniels | December 26, 2017

  Each foot vanishes in newly fallen snow only to reappear as I exchange left for right. Nothing stirs. Birds and squirrels normally scampering and chirping on the edges of my walk, have disappeared. Swinging arms and exaggerated puffing of the daily runners I often pass, are absent. The slightly wobbly bicycles zooming by with …

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nobody watching

Nobody Watching Coffee Warmth

By Craig Daniels | December 21, 2017

“nobody watching in this moment, coffee warmth.”   Freshly fallen snow casts your footprints, left then right you trudge toward yellowish glowing windows of the coffee shop. Windows outlined in translucent iced frosting. The expansive silence broken by muffled squeaking falling off your knobby boots. Hand on door you enter to chatter rising from small …

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silence blankets sound

Silence Blankets Sound Opening Worlds To Explore

By Craig Daniels | December 10, 2016

“Snowflakes drift to earth, silence blankets sound.” Washthebowl

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errant thought

Errant Thought

By washthebowl | December 9, 2016

“A snowy afternoon by myself, lost in errant thought.” Washthebowl  

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Concrete Stagnant Air

By Craig Daniels | September 3, 2015

It gnaws at me, the stagnant air. And I chew at it, hoping to lessen it’s weight pressing upon me, surrounding me, scrubbing my unconsciousness sores till even casual onlookers can see resentment tattooed on my face. And believe me they’re looking, some even ogling as I pass by on my walk, to I don’t …

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mustard dreams

Yellow Grimace

By Craig Daniels | August 28, 2015

As I squeezed the plastic bottle mustard escaped with a slurpy gurgle then dribbled a wavy yellow stream onto the hot dog cradled in my right hand. I stared absentmindedly as the yellow covered the hot dog overflowed onto the bun and finally smothered my fingers. “Damn” I cursed, and only then did I stop …

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cosmic journey

Early Summer Breeze

By Craig Daniels | August 20, 2015

She touched me, the early summer breeze wafting across my bare shoulders, cupping my ruddy cheeks with her gentle fingers. She touched me, the early summer breeze coming from sunshine to shadow from outside to inside till she wrapped me in her memories. Her touch was silence, filling me with grace and gratitude, filling me …

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I Can’t Breathe Without You

By Craig Daniels | March 11, 2015

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Steam Me

By Craig Daniels | August 25, 2014

I stepped into the cold tiled shower cube keeping most of my shivering body away from the first blast of water, then eased my knotted form into the warming spray. With my eyes closed I submitted myself naked in a slow pirouette of thanks, receiving the warm water’s absolution and letting my coldness swirl down …

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red hooded cape

Where Ever You Are

By Craig Daniels | January 25, 2013

Yesterday I looked up from the stained sidewalk to see your reflection in Macy’s downtown window, your red hooded wool cape tightly closed at the neck, your long brown hair peeking out. I spun around, hoping to catch you, hoping you’d catch me. I guess I didn’t turn quickly enough. You were gone, replaced by …

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Dark Metal Edges

By Craig Daniels | December 18, 2012

Dark metal edges welded together, endless flanges cutting my hands my knees as I crawl to to meet your demands. Hard surfaces surrounding me I can’t break though to you, I ask and ask the answer is always the same, be patient. Thorns of patience circle round my brow burrowing deeply beyond the blood. I …

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Wrap Up

By Craig Daniels | March 4, 2011

In the midst of everything I was ignored. Daily I’d stand hand extended, the crowds hustling past shunning connection proffering false intimacy. Sullen and rejected I watched time accelerate, crowds thin and pass me by. My life never amounted to anything, it was a momentary swirl of occurrence with me standing alone upon high cliffs …

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It's Winter

snow in my shoe

Snow In My Shoe

By Craig Daniels | December 27, 2008

I got snow in my shoe melting, like my heart melts as I’m thinking of you. I got snow in my shoe melting, salty like my tears of joy as I”m thinking of you. I got snow in my shoe melting, like wax on the candle I carry for you. Snow in my show, snow …

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quiet snow

Quiet Snow

By Craig Daniels | March 2, 2008

Walking newly plowed roads, bright sun on my back, sprawling fields surrounding me stretching toward muffled hills deeply covered in new snow. Quiet, but for the meditative packing of my boots. I Jump onto a stonewall and stop. The fresh snow has yet to be marked by sleds, by saucers. The cold air yet pierced …

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