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“In a rough way the short story writer is to the novelist as a cabinetmaker is to a house carpenter.”
– Annie Proulx

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Wherever You Are


Crossing the Third Avenue bridge, I saw you
in a cab by yourself. You looked
into my eyes
as you passed, then turned
away without a smile.
Was that really you?
Tell me that wasn’t you
turning away.


Metal Edges

Road signs freshly painted, every day I travel going left then right watching out for pot holes that will break my heart. Surprised! Avenues opened yesterday, are today closed.

Notes From Purgatory


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notes from purgatory
dimissed mingling

Dismissed Mingling

Garbing my elbow hard almost desperately Ellen maneuvers me into the loft’s bird cage her red blushed finger pushes hard upon the up button. Our hands scramble to touch the others face, kneading flesh deeply we linger lovingly as our fingers reach the crossroads   READ MORE


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